Sunday, April 12, 2009

H8TR to NC

H8TR report:

The hater was brutal, only to be expected.  My legs went well at the start, but the efforts that were needed to stay with the lead groups were just a touch too much to sustain.  No complaints here though, the dry wall had to come at a price.  Not bad for one ride in March since the 8th when I went to Madison to visit Lalondeski.  The end result of the hater was a handful of new acquaintances sharing in the sufferfest, and a tenth place finish.  Not bad for a short three on two bottles.  After fears that the H8tr gave me gonorrhea, I was relieved to have the burning sensation during urination disappear this morning. 

NC report. 

If you didn’t know, Maciej and I are enroute to NC to ride Tsali and Pisgah.  Hopefully, epic rides and views, most of the week should be about 65 and sunny.  That shit is epic enough. 

We rolled out of Madison at about 9ish (PM) after building a machine for maciej to pedal; my steed stayed dirty, I only shot some WD-40 on the front derailleur to wake it from a winter full of big ring rides.  We called up Lalondeski and went to get a doughnut from greenbush, and for a second time, their unwavering schedule lied and denied me from a virgin experience once again.  So I had to get mine from a display humping bunny and the local grocery store. 

We crashed out short of Indianapolis, grabbing a much needed 6 hours of sleep, woke and have been shredding the road since.  We are a touch outside of Louisville, going to stop for food and gas, and will get back at it.  The goal is to get 2 to 3 on the trail today and rest up tomorrow. 

Suckit Bitches



Us said...

Dude I couldv'e helped you with that no riding in March if you wouldv'e hit me back. Have fun tearing up the Trails!!

The Shed Master said...

Don't come back.

Ok you can come back, but leave Maciej there.

Carlos said...