Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Latest

Well, i have been doing a lot of riding.  there are days that i dont though, as i ride when i feel like it.  i also have spent a bit of time on the 2nd floor, and i have made some sweet progress.  
the house:  i have all of the venting done, the electrical has been changed to have the panel on the second floor, the bathroom vent is connected, and the gas line has been run to the appliances as well.  now i have to finish up some insulation and the vapor barrier, and it is off to the races to drywall the place. 
the bike:  i have begun to acquire parts to assemble a new training ride, a GF ferrous 29er.  both bikes will have the ability to be run as gears or ss, rigid or shocked.  it is the ultimate setup.  pics to follow.
the weekend:  i am moving James to madison this weekend, and i am not looking forward to giving up another friend to the mad city.  the next two days will be miles on the bike, and after saturday i am off for the week from the bike; one last big hour push in march to transition into the speed work for the h8r....
until later,

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