Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BAM, epic day.

we hit squirrel gap and laurel mountain, chased it with some crazy downhill shit on pilot rock. the ride was awesome, it was like a compilation of all the trails in wisconsin rolled up in to one ride. we had probably 4.5 to 5 hours of ride time, total on the bike about 6 hours.

check out the flickr link to the right for some pics, also check out chudy's blog for videos and other pics...

Todays events

today we are off to laurel mountain and squirrel gap. we are looking at a ride time of about 6 hours. this should be a breaker day...
until later

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

High Speed Ridge Riding

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Here is a view of Misiu Chudy hauling ass on the ridge of bent creek leaving Ingles field gap. we have been a touch tired from the few days post hater, but we have been doing well none the less.
the book said that the loops that we did today were 1.5 hours for advanced, and we have killed both of them in less than 1 hour. not bad for some flatlanders.
we had some very wet weather today, actually it poured at 2pm. we were on the trails at 430 and needless to say you could still see the results. the downhills were sketchy due to grease, but all great none the less.

Monday, April 13, 2009

H8TR to Pisgah at 100 mph. im not going to confirm or deny that the vehicle actually hit 100 mph, on this trip or a previous trip, but i will state that at some point in the past, the wheel of the subaru were traveling at a rate that was photographed. i will admit that we made great time.

we made it to Pisgah by 5 and got a solid ride in on the first day. we rode up trace ridge and maciej's legs started well, and i had to search for post H8TR power to finish the climbs. this shit here is hard. the climbs go on forever and the downhills are sick. there is a mix of all types of surfaces, gravel, rock, dirt, roots, leaves and sand.

Good times.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

H8TR to NC

H8TR report:

The hater was brutal, only to be expected.  My legs went well at the start, but the efforts that were needed to stay with the lead groups were just a touch too much to sustain.  No complaints here though, the dry wall had to come at a price.  Not bad for one ride in March since the 8th when I went to Madison to visit Lalondeski.  The end result of the hater was a handful of new acquaintances sharing in the sufferfest, and a tenth place finish.  Not bad for a short three on two bottles.  After fears that the H8tr gave me gonorrhea, I was relieved to have the burning sensation during urination disappear this morning. 

NC report. 

If you didn’t know, Maciej and I are enroute to NC to ride Tsali and Pisgah.  Hopefully, epic rides and views, most of the week should be about 65 and sunny.  That shit is epic enough. 

We rolled out of Madison at about 9ish (PM) after building a machine for maciej to pedal; my steed stayed dirty, I only shot some WD-40 on the front derailleur to wake it from a winter full of big ring rides.  We called up Lalondeski and went to get a doughnut from greenbush, and for a second time, their unwavering schedule lied and denied me from a virgin experience once again.  So I had to get mine from a display humping bunny and the local grocery store. 

We crashed out short of Indianapolis, grabbing a much needed 6 hours of sleep, woke and have been shredding the road since.  We are a touch outside of Louisville, going to stop for food and gas, and will get back at it.  The goal is to get 2 to 3 on the trail today and rest up tomorrow. 

Suckit Bitches


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Latest

Well, i have been doing a lot of riding.  there are days that i dont though, as i ride when i feel like it.  i also have spent a bit of time on the 2nd floor, and i have made some sweet progress.  
the house:  i have all of the venting done, the electrical has been changed to have the panel on the second floor, the bathroom vent is connected, and the gas line has been run to the appliances as well.  now i have to finish up some insulation and the vapor barrier, and it is off to the races to drywall the place. 
the bike:  i have begun to acquire parts to assemble a new training ride, a GF ferrous 29er.  both bikes will have the ability to be run as gears or ss, rigid or shocked.  it is the ultimate setup.  pics to follow.
the weekend:  i am moving James to madison this weekend, and i am not looking forward to giving up another friend to the mad city.  the next two days will be miles on the bike, and after saturday i am off for the week from the bike; one last big hour push in march to transition into the speed work for the h8r....
until later,

Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, if you aren't on the bike right now even for easy rides, this is what your bike would look like.  Ride or live vicariously.  Stay tuned, more cold weather images to come in the next few weeks. 
Ride bitches!!!